Easy Video Marketing For Home Business – Just Do It!!

Easy Video Marketing For Home Business - Just Do It!!

Video marketing is essential for anyone building a home business online.  It’s the fastest way to build rapport with people and it gives them the ability to see and interpret emotions that can’t be detected in the written word..

Getting started is actually quite simple.

Firstly, no need to complicate things and feel the need to get everything perfect before starting.

You can easily start video marketing with tools you already have.

It might take you 10 times to feel you’ve got it “right” but that’s completely normal.  Most people have never been on video in their life!

So, here are some basic tools:

  1. Your cellphone
  2. Your cellphone headphones to get better audio sound
  3. A household lamp (use a daylight bulb/white light)

That’s it!!

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Structuring The Video

Because we consume so much video content these days a lot of people just don’t have time to listen to long videos.  So the main thing is to get to the point straight away.

  1. Keep videos approximately 3 minutes long
  2. Introduce yourself and your website (if you have one)
  3. State the topic for the video – “In this video I’ll be giving you 5 tips on…”
  4. Have a “call to action” at the end of the video – what should they do now? Subscribe? Click link? Comment? Share?

Additional Tools For Video

If you want to get fancy and edit your videos for maximum impact you might like these tools:

For Mac I recommend iMovie or ScreenFlow

For Android I recommend KineMaster, PowerDirector and DaVinci Resolve

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Videos

  1. Batch them. Record 3-4 at a time.
  2. Upload the native video to Facebook (not a YouTube video).
  3. Upload the video to YouTube, Instagram and Twitter if possible.
  4. Embed the Youtube video into a blog post.
  5. Syndicate that blog post to Google + and all other social media platforms
  6. Email your subscriber list the blog post and point to your YT video.

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