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Very Short Overview About USI-Tech

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Step 1 - How To Register and Confirm Your Registration

  • When you Register with USI-Tech, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.
  • Please open this email and click on the link within the email to confirm your registration.
  • Watch the video below on how to do this.

Step 2 - Fill Out Your Profile Information And Upload Your Identity Details

  • When you Register with USI-Tech, you will receive an email to confirm your registration.
  • Please fill out your personal details on the "Dashboard" page.
  • Scroll to the bottom where it says "Account Verification" and click on the "What Is An ID Confirmation Photo".  Follow the instructions regarding how to identify yourself. (I found it easiest to upload a utility bill from my desktop and for the photo I did it from my cellphone).
  • *** Note - ID verification is only required for withdrawl of funds - not deposit ***
  • Status will say "Pending".  Make sure you correctly follow instructions or you may get an email saying you need to re-submit the information.

Step 3 - Open Up A Bitcoin Wallet/Exchange

  • Next you need to open a Bitcoin Wallet.  Think of your wallet as a "bitcoin bank".  You will transfer your money into your "bitcoin wallet/exchange" and it will convert into Bitcoin.  From there you will transfer some bitcoin into USI Tech.  Your Wallet/Exchange is where you will send and receive money and bitcoin in future.
    Below are suggested Bitcoin wallets and exchanges. These are just suggestions and I recommend you do your own research to find the best solution for you.
  • For Australia I recommend Coinjar
    For the UK I recommend Bitpanda.
    For NZ I recommend Coinmama and Blockchain (you need both)

    For USA I recommend Coinbase or  Kraken and the Abra App (However Abra is limited to specific banks. If your bank is not listed, you will not be able to use Abra. You must download the app to your Android or iPhone. It cannot be used on a desktop). 
  • Once you have your Exchange/Wallet account verified and you have successfully transferred the cash from your bank you are ready to transfer the bitcoin into USI Tech.

Here's An Example Of Earnings From Purchasing 5 Packages

Step 5 - How To Purchase A Package From USI Tech

Well done champion!! You are now ready to purchase your first package in USI Tech and start earning 1% interest daily Mon-Fri! 
  • Open your Wallet/Exchnage - depending on your wallet choice you will want to find the screen where you are able to send a bitcoin payment to USI Tech.
  • In a new tab log in to USI Tech - On your Dashboard, look for "Package Options" and choose "Place Order" .
  • In the BTCPackage column click the black button saying "Purchase".

  • Choose "BTCWallet" - have your wallet open in another "tab". Go to your wallet and choose "payment" (you should have already converted your cash into bitcoin INSIDE the wallet).  From here once you have decided how many packages you want (you will be able to see the bitcoin amounts on both websites and determine what you need to transfer) you will be copying the big long code on the USI-Tech site into the "Payment" area inside your wallet.
  • Now please go to your wallet dashboard. You’ll want to hit ‘send Bitcoin’. Please note that each package at USI is approximately $60 U.S. dollars. Calculate how many USI Tech packages you’d like to purchase and place that number in the No. of Packages field. The amount of Bitcoin you need will display.
  • Scan the QR Code or type in the wallet code from USI to whatever wallet/exchange you are using. Check everything over very carefully. Once you are satisfied with the amounts you’ve entered hit ‘send’. The wallet code you entered will direct your wallet/exchange to send the bitcoin to USI Tech. The transaction can take a couple hours for confirmation. However, do not worry! …EVERY Blockchain transaction has a code associated with it where you can confirm your transaction on the Blockchain using https://blockchain.info.


You have purchased your first package with USI Tech!

Login to your USI Tech account and watch your investment grow!  You can also download the USI Tech App if you want to quickly check how things are growing.

Step 6 - Stay Connected

  • Please stay connected so I can answer any questions and help you build a team with USI Tech and also with other ways of making money online if that is your goal.
  • Friend request me on Facebook here (please also message me as I have tons of friend requests pending - by messaging me I will be sure to see it!)
  • Skype address:  megantdavenport
  • Email address: info@megantdavenport.com
  • Instagram and Twitter addresses: megantdavenport
  • Website/Blog:  http://megantdavenport.com
  • I am a fulltime online marketer and I use a marketing platform - Power Lead System to promote Power Lead System, USI Tech and The Super Affiliate Network.  Feel free to check out the websites to learn more.