How Many Multiple Streams Of Income Can I Promote?

Multiple Streams Of Income

When it comes to affiliate marketing and network marketing a common question asked is how many multiple streams of income can I promote effectively? Of course, there’s no exact answer but here’s some guidelines that you can use to promote products effectively…

The truth is you can promote many different products online once you learn how to promote well.

Once you learn the process of promoting one product well you can use that process to promote unlimited products.

The key to effective selling is to find a thing that works well and then repeat that process over and over.Multiple Streams Of Income

Multiple Streams Of Income By Category

The first category is what’s called a core product and the second is called a feeder product.

Let me share with you what they mean and how they can help you in your niche market.

When you’re promoting a core product you are promoting a product within your niche that almost everyone needs.

In business a core product is an autoresponder.

An autoresponder such as Aweber is an email system where you can pre-program messages.  When a person joins your list those messages go out automatically to your new subscriber.

Regardless of whether you are a hairdresser or whether you’re selling a business opportunity, or pretty much anything, using an autoresponder is a very wise thing to do – so it’s a core product.

It’s a basic online business tool.

Another example would be web hosting.  If you are going to succeed online you need a website and websites must be hosted.

There are many core products out there in every niche.  You can choose a great core product to sell and people will buy it because it’s so widely needed.

Many people these days want to learn how to market online as we move more and more into a digital lifestyle.

A feeder product is something that feeds your prospect into the next purchase.

Often it feeds into the need for another core product.

For example, lets say you’re promoting web hosting.  You really love to promote Siteground or another hosting company.  Take a minute to think about what what a person needs once they get their hosting account.

Well, you’re going to build a website or you’re going to put up a blog.  Most likely your customer is going to put up a WordPress blog.

The next question is, what theme will they choose?

Sure there are a lot of good free themes out there they could use.

But there are also some fantastic paid themes that will look professional, do a great job and you’ll get paid a commission if you are an affiliate of those paid themes.  An exceptional theme for marketing is Optimizepress.

They’ll need all sorts of different plugins to do search engine optimization, build their mailing list and have the desired functionality on their website or blog that brings them leads and sales.

If they’re going to build a mailing list then they’ll need an autoresponder.

You can sell them that autoresponder as well.

If they have an autoresponder then they will be sending out messages.  You can sell them a course on how to write messages or a copywriting course.  You can earn commissions as an affiliate that way too.

A feeder product is a product that naturally creates a need for another product.

You can set up a follow up series where you’re promoting your main product and after they buy it send emails related to their needs – you are now offering them feeder products.

If you take the time to think things through and choose your marketing methods and products carefully you will be building a real and dependable business.

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