How To Get Started With MLM Videos

How To Get Started With MLM Videos

Do you know you need to do videos but don’t know where to start?  Keep it simple, get the basics right and with practice you will be rocking your MLM videos.  Check list here…

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an MLM or affiliate marketing – people still need to know WHO you are and HOW you can help them.How To Get Started With MLM Videos

And that’s where video comes in.  It’s the fastest way to build rapport.  Hands down.

And if you are scared it’s totally normal.  But guess what, after your first 5 or 6 you will be rocking it and PROUD of yourself that you conquered that fear.

How To Get Started With MLM Videos

People love to be:

  • Educated
  • Entertained
  • Enlightened

Keeping it simple With MLM Videos

  1. Introduce yourself (state website if you have one)
  2. Tell them what they are going to learn (something of VALUE)
  3. Talk for 3 minutes maximum about your content
  4. Give them a call to action (tell them to GO somewhere so you can capture their email address)
  5. Syndicate your video on Google +, Youtube and Twitter for maximum exposure.

If you’re JUST starting you need:

  1. Your mobile phoneHow To Get Started With MLM Videos
  2. Your mobile phone headphones (for the microphone)
  3. Good natural light (stand with the light FACING your face

If You Are Looking To Take Your Videos To The Next Level:

  1. Your mobile phone
  2. A GOOD lapel microphone (Rhodes Lavalier)
  3. A bluetooth remote control (no reaching to turn off the video)
  4. Some DAYLIGHT lighting/bulbs (inexpensive online)How To Get Started With MLM Videos
  5. Tripod/s

Good luck, don’t procrastinate and JUST DO IT!

Feel free to message me on Facebook with any questions 🙂

Thank you so much for watching “How To Get Started With MLM Videos” – drop a comment if this helped you.  You deserve success!


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How To Get Started With MLM Videos

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