Complete Internet Marketing Strategy – In 5 Easy Steps


All entrepreneurs follow a simple internet marketing strategy for success.  And they do the same things over and over again to create results and scale their businesses year after year.  You will notice that they do the 5 things on a continual basis…

Complete Internet Marketing Strategy – In 5 Easy Steps

1.  Build Your Audience

You need to be working on at least 20 – 100 leads per day and turning those leads into five or more customers a week.  So you have to be engaging with your audience if you want to be selling to them as well.  

You can build your audience on social media as well as via an email list.  One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t own Facebook, so as important as it is to have a social media following ideally you want to be moving them over to an autoresponder as well so you can not only communicate with them daily, but build an asset in your business that you own and have total control of.  A great way to build an audience is by having a lead magnet or a free giveaway – something of value for your target market.

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2.  Create content

This can be in the form of blogs, videos, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, podcasts, YouTube, webinars – there are lots of different ways to create content and the important thing to remember is that you should always have a call to action with each action you take.  So by creating content you should always be pointing that content back to building your email list.  

3.  Follow up 

This must be very effective in order to convert these leads to sales. Your online success strategy should include ongoing broadcasts of content to your email list offering a variety of ways to educate and provide value.  The purpose is to create more engagement and sales by warming up your leads and developing a relationship of know, like and trust.

4.  Monetization Strategy

Having a monetisation strategy does not mean blasting the link of your opportunity on social media hoping to get some signups.  This is a “hope and pray” strategy which is very unprofessional and will create massive resistance.  

Your monetization strategy should be centred around three key points as per Jay Abraham and that is the

#1 Get more customers with front end offers and also a variety of different low entry offers

#2 is up-sell and cross-sell with additional information products, trainings and events

#3 is increasing the value of customer transactions so you have a variety of price points and profit maximisers with top tiered, exclusive products.


5.  Traffic

Traffic is the final piece in the online business puzzle and it has been said that you don’t have traffic problems only strategy problems.

It is the final piece of the puzzle because you need to get the rest of your success strategies in place in order for you to have quality traffic.  You should have a high converting offer in place before you drive traffic to it.  There is no point driving traffic that is not targeted to your offer – you simply won’t convert to leads or sales.  


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