How To Buy A Bitcoin Package FAST in USI-TECH

How To Buy A Bitcoin Package fast in usi-tech

USI-Tech has been trading bitcoin since March 2017 and has gained an enormous amount of …momentum and popularity for a number of good reasons:

  1. Your investment pays between 0.75-1.25% interest daily from Monday-Friday.
  2. It has a very low barrier cost to entry – 50 Euros to purchase one bitcoin package.
  3. You have the ability (optional) to share the opportunity by referral and earn 10% and 3% commissions on packages purchased.
  4. USI Tech is a very stable company with transparent owners.
  5. Everyone wins.  Every day.
  6. It’s passive income

If you haven’t registered with USI-Tech you can do that for FREE here:


After you have registered you can follow my SIMPLE step by step instructions to organize your Exchange (this is where you will transfer cash from your bank into). Then once you have been approved in your chosen exchange and your money has been converted to bitcoin you make the transfer into USI-Tech.

To follow my step by step instructions go here:

For Australia I recommend Coinjar as an exchange.
For Europe I recommend Bitpanda as an Exchange.

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