Facebook Groups Blueprint To 10x Your Home Business

Facebook Groups Blueprint To 10x Your Home Business

If Facebook is your go-to place for leads and sales then you need to know about Facebook Groups. Are you using Groups strategically?

At first the big buzz on Facebook was to start a Fan Page or business page.
Well I don’t know about you but it is HARD to get any kind of action, engagement, or any kind of community on your Business Page UNLESS you are either in there 24/7 pounding out the Lives or you are shelling out the big bucks to reach more people.

Facebook Groups Blueprint To 10x Your Home BusinessAm I right or am I right?

Yesterday Facebook “suggested” I might like to do a “Likes” campaign that was going to cost me $1362. Say whaaaat??!
For a Like???

Seriously, if I’m going to spend that I’m going to run some traffic and watch my email subscriber list go up by HUNDREDS of people.  Targeted people.
Anyhoo… I digress!
So let’s talk GROUPS.

Have you started a group yet?

Firstly join me over at my group Rise and Sine ONLINE and see what you can implement for your group

Here’s just a few reasons why you should start a Facebook Group:

  • A “Closed” group you control who enters – control the spammers
  • Create a tribe who specifically want to be there
  • Sell more to your targeted people.
  • Create Polls
  • Add Files
  • Build your email list
  • More strategic
  • Like minded people chasing the dream
  • More intimate connections
  • Creates a community of people who “get it”
  • Add value/videos specific for your niche
  • Increase your reach with people actually interested

For more  training on how to set up a group, what to add to your group and how to get people to knock down your door to get into your group the go here for all the juicy details.

I will definitely be sharing this in my group!!
Go join me at:  Rise And Shine ONLINE

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