Direct Response Marketing vs. Branding… Which One Should You Focus On First

Direct response marketing

If you are using the internet to build a business you must get clear on what you want to achieve and how quickly can you make it happen!  This is where Direct Response Marketing can supercharge your results…

When I first started I was spreading myself way too thin, way too early in my business.

I was scrambling around, soaking up info after info trying to do EVERYTHING but not accomplishing ANYTHING.

Direct Response Marketing V’s Branding

Direct response marketingIt is important to realise is that if you’re trying to take your business from… let’s say the zero to the $5000 per month mark… or even the zero to the $10,000 per month mark, a mark at which you will be making six-figures per year…that there are a few CRUCIAL ACTIVITIES that you should be putting all of your effort into completing on a daily basis, in order to reach your goal at the fastest pace possible. This concept introduces the conversation of direct response marketing versus branding.

In the beginning I was very focused on things like attaining Twitter followers, Facebook Fan Page Likes and IG followers.  Now, in the end these are great assets to have in place in your business, as these things can brand you as a leader… can brand you as the authority… can give give an audience to speak with and communicate with.  But what I also realised is that when you’re in your infancy stage of your business, what you need to be focusing on is not the branding side of the formula… instead you need to be focusing on the direct response marketing side of the formula.

What Is Direct Response Marketing?

You want to be focusing all of your energy on creating a capture page that converts at… let’s say 35% to 45%… somewhere in that range. 

You want to be focusing all your energy on learning the direct response form of traffic generation.

You’ll want to be focusing all of your energy on learning how to write emails in a direct response marketing fashion that creates sales and creates revenues for you and your business.

My primary Mentor, Misha Wilson, often speaks of his primary mentor…a brilliant marketer named Daegan Smith… who I’m sure a lot of you are very familiar with.  One of the things that Daegan teaches on literally every single one or almost every single one of his training calls is that cash flow is king… and cash flow is what will either allow you to attain leverage in your business and allow you to move quickly… or put you out of business because there is a lack of cash flow.

How To Use Direct Response Marketing In Your Business

So having said that, what you want to do is reverse engineer the situation and figure out exactly what creates cash flow. I can tell you from personal experience that what will create cash flow for you and your business is the implementation of direct response forms of marketing. These include skill-sets such as learning a direct response form of traffic generation… learning how to set up a capture page converts very well. Learning to either create your own offer such as a tripwire offer that obtains customers… or leveraging someone else’s systems offer, etc. So, those are the few things you need to be focusing on. At first you need to be putting all of your energy into the direct response side of the marketing equation… before you start worrying about the branding side of the equation… which will certainly come into play later.

As a perfect example… another great marketer within our Internet Marketing space…a gentleman named Vince Reed… made incredible gains in boosting his Twitter follower base and his Facebook Fan Page base… boosting those in a period of just six months, or so. However, he did so after getting to the point that he was making a seven-figure income.

In order to get your business off the ground you need to focus on the few activities that will produce cash flow for you and your business. And what those activities are…  are the direct response forms of traffic generation… converting traffic into leads… and then converting leads into sales.

So please remember… don’t spread yourself too thin! Focus your energy on the few things we’ve discussed here today… and your journey will be much more streamlined… and you will be so happy that you focused on just those few things.

Thank you so much for watching “Direct Response Marketing vs. Branding… Which One Should You Focus On First” – drop a comment if this helped you.  You deserve success!

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