2 Valuable Tips For Success As A Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Entrepreneur

As a digital entrepreneur there are 2 things that any full-time online entrepreneur needs to know in order to achieve success.  I’ll also be addressing what you’re signing up for as an entrepreneur,  especially if you’re currently just getting started with your home business.


The two most important things… if you’re looking to get started online… and be successful… is not some tactic, not some strategy or shiny object opportunity that you need to get started with on the ground floor, etc.

Digital Entrepreneur

The Two Most Important Aspects Of Being A Digital Entrepreneur

The two most important things when it comes to you being successful are consistency and persistence.

First, you need to be ultra consistent in your actions in moving forward.

You need to focus on taking an action that moves you in the direction of your goals every single day.

A very successful Internet Marketer says…

“take an action that creates cash flow and sustainability

every day for your online business.”

But, in general, you just need to be taking actions every single day… in a very consistent manner… if you ever want to break through.

Secondly, always remember that persistence and continuing to be persistent… is the name of the game as an entrepreneur. Literally if you’re just getting started, if you haven’t created any level of success in your business… and you think that once you become successful… once you get a certain level, etc., that your problems go away and everything is just smooth sailing from there on out… that’s literally as far from the truth as it could possibly be.

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Failing Forward As A Digital Entrepreneur

The truth is what you’re signing up for as an online entrepreneur… what you’re signing up for in entrepreneurship in general… is more or less constant failure.

I’ve literally failed so many times in my journey.

Literally, I’ve done the math… and probably only about one out of every 8 to 9 things that I try… like new ideas that I try and implement in my business… end up being successful. But that one idea and implementation that actually is successful ends up being like an oil well that pays you for months.. if not years down the road.

It’s extremely rewarding both financially and personally to be earning money from work that was done months ago.

So, the reality is that that when I’m sitting behind my computer I’m not always doing things correctly. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world… the people that are making millions of dollars are not always getting things right. They don’t have a magic wand that allows them to just press a button on their keyboard and everything just works seamlessly and smoothly. It’s just not like that.  The point is – we are still taking action – consistently and persistently.

If you’re going to be a successful digital entrepreneur, just remember it’s just a process of continual error… continual trial and error… and continual failure. And if that’s not something you’re okay with while building and implementing ideas and strategies into your business… well, then you probably shouldn’t sign up in the first place.

The Truth About Having A Home Business

I know a lot of people get started and are looking for a path to an easier life of time freedom, no alarm clock and nobody telling us what to do.

The truth is entrepreneurship in general is not an easier route. It’s a route that can be much more rewarding long-term… but it’s not an easier route. You’re going to have to work longer hours…you’re going to have to learn to fail more. You’re going to have to give up certain things that you don’t necessarily want to give up… if you want to create that level of success that you are looking for and working toward.

So, once again, those are the two most important things you’ll need in order to be successful online.

Tip 3 About Being A Successful Digital Entrepreneur

The third thing you’ll need to be successful online…is learning skill sets.

So you need to focus on learning skill sets… you need to focus on being extremely consistent… and extremely persistent with all of your efforts.  If you do these three things… you literally can’t go wrong.

It’s important to note that if you do those three things…over the course of time, you will find success… but it’s still gonna be constant failure with a few successes thrown in here and there. And those successes are what you’ll be rewarded for… will go ahead and feed you and your family… and will push you into the limelight if that’s what you’re looking for.

But realise that all the failures are the things that actually count, and actually show that you’re taking action and continuously moving towards the desired end goal (hidden message there 🙂 )

So, in closing…realise the two most important things…and then implement those with each new skill set that you learn. Be persistent and consistent in implementing those skill sets.

And lastly, realise that no matter how good of a marketer you are… no matter how good of an entrepreneur you are… consistent, predictable, never-ending failure is just part of the journey toward massive success with your online business.

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