Home Business Tips To Boost Self Confidence

Boost Self Confidence

Starting out in a home business can be daunting and a bit scary.  It soon becomes apparent that you not only need to develop thick skin, but our confidence can take some knocks.  Today I have some tips to help boost self confidence in your life and online business…

Practice talking to yourself in a better way.  

What kind of things are you saying to yourself in your mind?   Take note of those things.  

Often we remember negative things about ourselves and our brain is hardwired to keep us safe so we naturally doubt ourselves concerning new things.  You’ve got to catch yourself in the moment and turn it around and talk to yourself in a more confident and positive way.  Really try to be aware of how you’re actually talking to yourself in your mind. Practice makes perfect.  Instead of saying “I can’t”, say “how can I?”

Boost Self Confidence


 When you’re out talking to people, what is your posture? Are your arms folded? Do you look closed off?

You need to be open, stand with your arms by your side, and look confident in your body posture. I saw a TED talk recently. She said to fake it until you become it.

If you’re not sure, just try to make your body look confident and you will come across that way whether you feel it or not. They talked about pretending you were your favourite super hero.

Before you go into a presentation, stand there in your super hero pose and be confident. I go into a presentation, I stand there, and I’m in my Wonder Woman pose.

Body language is very, very important.

Learn A Skill

Getting good at something is a very fast way to build confidence… especially if you can get a result using those skills!

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Take at least one risk per day.  

If you’re out and about doing something and you’re too scared to go and talk to that person or a person’s close to you in the shop or the supermarket or wherever, and you think, “Aah.” Here’s an opportunity and you don’t do it, that is the moment where you need to do it.

Taking a risk is doing something that you wouldn’t normally do and stepping outside comfort zone.

The more risks you can take the faster you will move forward and gain momentum.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable!

Gratitude and affirmations.  

A lot of times we have negative thoughts that go around in our mind. They’re not who we are. They’re just a pattern that’s happened throughout our lives.  The key to changing that and becoming more confident is to write affirmations and be grateful for what you’ve got. Before you go to bed at night, read your gratification or vision list. I have mine on my phone. When you wake up in the morning, read that same list. You got to bed with a good mindset, and you wake up with a good mindset. Have your affirmations as well. Always be pouring positive thoughts into your mind, and you’ll notice a change. You will become more and more confident.

Get a Fast Result

The faster you can get a result in your business the faster your confidence will build.  More importantly the faster you can get a team member a result is even better!

Thank you so much for watching “Home Business Tips To Boost Self Confidence  – drop a comment if this helped you.  You deserve success!

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