Hey there…  I’m Megan T Davenport and thanks for checking out my story and my website!

If you are like me, you are an online marketer with a burning desire to create freedom in your life.

Perhaps you want to retire your spouse or you have hopes and dreams for your children.

Maybe you just want to BE with your children instead of at a j.o.b you don’t really like.

Maybe you just want to travel more or eat at a fancy restaurant whenever you like… buy nice clothes or eat 100% organic food.

Maybe, like me, you have a vision of helping others lead a happy life of fulfilment.

Whatever it is – I can help you achieve your goals by using simple online strategies and techniques.

I love helping people generate leads online and get them their first win/sale as soon as possible!

I am TOTALLY into automation and not being a slave to the computer all day long!

I teach you how to attract people to YOU – no more AWKWARD sales pitches at the mall or to friends and family!

I help you move forward with your dignity and integrity intact – and teach you to market yourself in a way that makes you feel GOOD, not to mention proud.  Even if you are brand new 🙂

So, a little about me…

My partner and I Brendan packed up 3 suitcases and two dogs and moved to Australia for the beautiful warm weather and in search of more opportunity.  We come from a stunning little town in New Zealand called Whangamata and as hard as it was to leave there I needed somewhere warmer to live and there just wasn’t much in the way of jobs in a small town.  We wanted more. Max as a puppy

We arrived in Australia, bought a caravan and travelled around Australia for a few months looking for a place to settle down.  I had delved into eBay to sell online but travelling and shipping products wasn’t ideal.  Then we discovered network marketing and this was the catalyst and the beginning of my online journey.

Me and brendan

To be honest with that first company we thought it was going to be easy and we could just travel around and everyone would want what we had to offer.

Needless to say we recruited no-one and had no idea what we were doing.  We stayed with that company a while but it became clear that we had “jumped in” without really doing our due diligence.

I started researching online/internet marketing and I was really looking for a system that was totally transparent in what was required as well as a system that could get results for ANYONE quickly.  I also wanted something simple.  After some trial and error  I came across The Super Affiliate Network.

Once I started learning and using the techniques taught in the Bootcamp everything started to fall into place.  Like, quickly!!

People started joining my team and it was a direct result of the system and lead generation training inside of SAN.

I made almost $6000 USD in my first 3 months – and I started with an email list of 350 people.

The one thing that I was still struggling with was my health…

I have had an autoimmune condition for 10 years and it has drastically decreased my mobility.  Particularly in my hands.  I don’t have a lot of function left in them.  Having Scleroderma means pain, fatigue, brain fog and as with any long term condition, it can affect your moods as well.  This was the sole reason I explored online marketing and and I’m truly grateful that it was the catalyst for wanting more in my life – I really am – but the problem was that as my business was growing I was getting more and more tired trying to keep up.

By “chance” I was approached by a colleague to try a health and wellness product in another network marketing company and because I was so tired I decided to try a 3-day sample.  Having tried A LOT of natural products in the past I was very sceptical and expected a very mediocre result – if any.  And, just to prove a point I got Brendan to try it as well so we could both say “I told you so”.

Well long story short the energy we had on the FIRST DAY was remarkable and we haven’t stopped taking the product since.

Physical disabilities can mean “normal” jobs are not an option and I’m extremely passionate about helping people not only thrive personally and spiritually, but also financially as well – on our own terms.MeganTDavenport


So if you’re reading this I want to tell you that you absolutely can have an abundant life despite any difficult circumstances you may be experiencing and with the right mindset and determination you can succeed.

Be your best!

Megan T Davenport

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